Backpacking 18 Cities in Europe | GoPRO H3+ and SJ4000 [HD]

Last Summer, we went to 18 cities as well as 13 countries around the West Europe by Eurail Global Train pass ticket for 16 days. It is great summertime climate and also cozy individuals. We utilized GoPro Hero 3+, SJ4000 Wifi, Oneplus One phone as well as a Compact cam to videotape our traveling video clip.

London-Paris-Interlaken-Milan-Pisa-Rome-Vatican City-Venice-Munich-Hallstatt-Vienna-Budapest-Prague-Berlin-Copenhagen-Malmo-Amsterdam-Brussels-London

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Please Enjoy. Thanks for watching.

24 thoughts on “Backpacking 18 Cities in Europe | GoPRO H3+ and SJ4000 [HD]”

  1. Looks like a blast Firdaus, where was your favorite place you went? I’m
    looking to head back soon

  2. +Ryan Wilson thanks for watching my video, i really like Hallstat so much.
    very calm place to visit again.

  3. I’ve seen alot of pictures of Hallstat, looks beautiful! I’ll keep that in
    mind for my next trip to Europe! Gonna be recording the whole thing, so
    stay tuned if you like travel vlogs 🙂

  4. Hi guy,I have a question for you the total of fees,your train

  5. for Eurailpass for 15days continous will cost u about €383. you can refer
    at Eurailpass website for more details. for accomodation, i stayed at
    backpacker hostel, i used hostelworld apps for easy booking.

  6. i think it almost between range £800-£1000. we saved a lot on foods and
    find cheapest hostel.

  7. Hi Firdaus,May I know the total budget for the whole 16 days? All include
    accommodation,transportation and food.Since I’ll be going to europe on
    november ,I would like to know and get some tips here and there,hehe if you
    don’t mind sharing.


  8. Did any of the train rides required reservation? I’m doing a solo
    backpacking trip next year and want to know as much as possible about the
    eurorail pass. Do you mind sharing your itinerary since it’s similar to

  9. @firdaus nazeri,
    Your video is so cool, please email me your details of trips to

    Will 16 days too tight for 18 cities?
    very rushing in city tours?
    need advance reserve for train ticket?
    Summer weather is hot like Malaysia?

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