Backpacking in California’s Eastern Sierra – Introduction (1 of 11)

Component 1 of 11. This is a series that could be valuable for someone interested in beginning backpacking in The golden state's eastern Sierra hills. It is a long series where I attempt to convey whatever I understand about the topic.

KEEP IN MIND: I neglected to point out the single ideal source of details concerning this location: I simply discovered it, inspect it out!

This installation consists of:
0:55 – review of the area
23:20 – how to get a wild permit (Inyo National park).
37:20 – exactly what are the most effective maps? (Tom Harrison).
47:04 – exactly what to expect: weather, pets, insects, and so on
1:01:10 – leave no trace approach.
1:03:39 – book suggestions.

This is video 1 of 11 in this collection:.

8. FOOD.
10. DOGS.

21 thoughts on “Backpacking in California’s Eastern Sierra – Introduction (1 of 11)”

  1. A lot of emotion being conveyed through your art and storytelling.
    Excellent information and amazing photography and videography!

  2. Where are the rest? I’ve power watched them all and now I want the rest of
    the videos you promised 😀. Dogs, food etc. please!!!!

  3. Fabulous series. I watch A LOT of backpacking/hiking videos. Yours are in
    the top 5 of instructional videos I’ve seen. Thanks for taking the time.
    I’ve learned alot.

  4. This is exactly the kind of information I have been looking for. I can’t
    wait to see the rest of the Videos. You have been answering every question
    I have. This is a great thing you are doing. Thank you so much.

  5. This is awesome. So many questions answered. Very informative. Seems like
    there is nothing that you cannot find an answer to by logging on to YouTube
    and you are doing a really neat job explaining this stuff. 5*****

  6. I’m only halfway through your first video and in seriously impressed with
    how in depth and informative it is. Excellent job, I’m looking forward to
    watching them all.

  7. that was funny as hell at 20:30………..”Mom, I’m trying to have a
    serious conversation with my viewers!!!” good informative information. I
    just got back from Cottonwood lakes, 4 days. real nice…..Next up Sabrina
    lake basin.

  8. Great post! And I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the videos. I
    thought to ask, since you have experience in the eastern sierras, if you
    have recommendations on time of year for camping? I have an undetermined
    trip in a month I’m planning for the beginning of August but mostly
    everything seems books. Any thoughts?

  9. “… but no one shoots film these days, so whatever…”
    Shame on you, sir. Amidst and based on all your generally good ramblings
    that I’ve enjoyed on this Thursday, I can’t help but think you should give
    some film photography a try while up there or otherwise … independence…
    testing limits… freedom from distraction and convenience… much more.
    There could be something there you don’t know about. Certainly was for
    myself. Just sayin.

  10. Hi, I’m love photography. I would very much like to see the chapter on
    photography. Please make it available because I don’t see it. Al

  11. I am so happy to have stumbled across your videos today! Thank you so much
    for taking the time to do this; it is really well thought out and I
    thoroughy enjoyed the presentation. I can’t seem to find certain episodes –
    for example, can you tell me which one talks about bear cannisters/food
    storage? Thanks again!

  12. I’m working on the last couple, “FOOD” included. Should be posted in a few
    weeks. Thanks!

  13. I love film and still shoot it. But most people do not, so the
    generalization that “no one shoots film these days” is mostly true. I agree
    with you, film is lovely and forces you to slow down and think about each

  14. Well alright then. 🙂 I imagine that’s true in terms of sheer numbers these
    days, though seems to be making a tiny resurgence.

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