Backpacking Patagonia – El Chalten 1.2 – Laguna De Los Tres

It's still day one of our five day backpacking journey in Patagonia. Jen and I have established basecamp and also start our walking to catch sunset over Fitz Roy from Laguna De Los Tres.

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Introductory song: Bumblebeat by Govi
Outtro track: Espresso by Govi

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20 thoughts on “Backpacking Patagonia – El Chalten 1.2 – Laguna De Los Tres”

  1. wow …… i watched a few of your videos — you guys are SERIOUS HIKERS

  2. +Outside + Stuff If you get he Osmo you will need as many of those little
    batteries as you can carry 🙂 they don’t last all day like a DSLR ! (video
    liked – nice editing too)

  3. Awesome, and so worth it. My thighs were burning with you guys. Gotta love
    endless rock steps.

  4. +Az Photo Video Thanks! Right now, with the GoPro I tend to go through one
    battery an hour of hiking. So that’s roughly three batteries a hike. Is the
    Osmo about the same or less because of the extra power on the motors.

  5. +Outside + Stuff Yes you would need more (but they are only $35 each and
    small / light to carry). I need a battery per hour too and have 3 but only
    record small segments (about half a min each or less). I find that the
    stability is worth it and have a DSLR in case I need more.

  6. great video! definitely putting Patagonia on my list. I’ve started using my
    hero session a lot more than my hero 4 because the battery holds a charge
    so much longer. I find that all my hero 3 and hero 4 batteries discharge if
    not used. Even though the session has a built in battery, I’ve been able to
    use it for 3 day trips and it has yet to drop below 25%. However, I rarely
    record longer than 90 seconds at a time and average 30-40 clips per trip. I
    bought it on sale and am surprised how much I’ve used it!

  7. I thought about getting a session, I still might for my hemet cam when
    climbing. Otherwise, I really like the LCD back, it helps with framing the
    shot and with reducing shake as I can see what’s going on.

  8. how do you guys navigate without a map?? are there very obvious routes to
    take? i want to go there without booking a tour but im afraid of the
    possibility of getting lost

  9. We did have a map, we just never mentioned it in the videos. But, the
    trails are very clearly marked. If you want to go off trail, just bring a
    map and or a gps device. I use GAIA GPS for all of my off route hiking.
    Never looked back. 🙂

  10. This is great!!! in a few days i go to Chalten!! It’s pure magic!!
    Grettings from Rosario, Argentina

  11. Hi ! I will go to Chalten in february, but I have some doubts. If I never
    did trekking can I reach this “Laguna de los tres”? I’m in a normal
    physical condition. if there are shortcuts , have you take a shortcut ?
    wich one? what time did you start the trekking? Thanks for your advice I
    really appreciate it.

  12. Hi Matias, you can definitely make it up to Laguna De Los Tres in one day
    and back. But that’s roughly 15 miles roundtrip. Which might take you 12
    hours. I’d recommend staying at camp poincenot and hiking up to laguna de
    los tres for sunrise. And then pack out.

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