How to Dress an Apple-Shaped Figure

Each body shape has its own characteristics and high points. The key to perfect dressing lies in accentuating the curves beautifully, and camouflaging the flaws successfully. Different body shapes require different styles, cuts and silhouettes to define a perfect shape. While some of the body shapes like hourglass are ideal and suitable for any type of dressing, an apple-shaped figure is the most difficult to flatter. Round in the torso with a broad middle and smaller limbs, the apple-shaped figure may throw some serious challenges when it comes to dressing. If you decide on a voluminous look, you will end up looking more round and clothes too tight will not help either. The apple-shaped body needs to be balanced with clothing as well as accessories. If you too have an apple-shaped figure, don’t be disheartened because you can wear silver earrings. Follow some simple dressing tips to enhance your looks and make your figure look picture-perfect. If you are looking for a celebrity inspiration, Catherine Zeta-Jones is an apple-shaped fashion Goddess.

Create the illusion of a waist: Round torso is the most prominent and defining aspect of an apple-shaped figure. Therefore, the very first step to get closer to an hourglass figure is to create an illusion of a narrow waistline. The simplest way to create the illusion of a curve is either by choosing a style with a set-in waist or by opting for a belt. Adding some style elements such as beading or tucks at the waistline are also simple yet effective ways to make the waist look clinched.
Raise the waistline: Another trick to deal with an apple-shaped figure is to raise the waistline. An empire waist which has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust creating an elegant high-waisted appearance is ideal to create a longer and leaner silhouette in the torso. However, to avoid a maternity look, choose a sleek raised-waist style and avoid the fuller styles below the empire waist.
Be judicious with the full-over-slim look: Full tunic over leggings may appear stylish but if you have an apple-shaped figure, don’t jump the tunic-with-leggings bandwagon without a thought. The last thing you want to do is exaggerate your torso even more and look like a fashion victim. Instead, try a look that has slim but not skin-tight bottoms. Balance the tunic look with a bright or white pair of bottoms.

Flaunt the flawless skin. Covering up from head to toe is not the answer to an apple-shaped body. On the contrary, showing some skin can enhance the looks manifolds. A cold-shoulder silhouette or a skirt showing your legs can be very flattering for your body type. Don’t wait to be reborn with more shapely arms to flaunt them in a sexy sleeveless dress, but do take care of your skin before showing them off with oodles of panache.
Try necklines that visually elongate: The ideal and most flattering neckline for the apple-shaped figure is V-neck, closely followed by a deep U-shaped neckline. The vertical necklines divert the attention from the horizontal shape and bring the focus to the vertical line making you look taller and slimmer, hence more glamorous.

Say yes to a wrap dress: A wrap dress always manages to fetch extreme results, it can either look perfect or a complete mess, there’s nothing called average in between. However, a wrap dress can never go wrong on an apple-shaped figure for two reasons, V-neck and an illusion of a waist.

Make way for tailored pieces: You may be tempted to dress in soft, flowing fabric after watching a Live telecast of Oscars, but don’t give in to the temptation if you have an apple-shaped figure. You certainly don’t want to be caught by the fashion police, do you? Stick to tailored jackets, pants or a sensibly structured shirts to balance out your figure.

Opt for mid-rise jeans: It is difficult to resist a low-cut jeans when the entire world is gushing over them. Don’t fall for it, fashion is meant to make you look more beautiful and enhance your personality. A low-cut jeans will reveal your heavy middle and the bulges spilling over the top will not present a very pleasant sight. Instead, opt for a mid-rise jean with plenty of coverage in the rear to look well-dressed and elegant.

Bring the focus to your face: Be bold and bring the focus to your face with the help of makeup, dangling earrings or a draped neckline.
Embrace bold prints: Contrary to the popular belief, strong geometric prints or bold floral patterns can work wonders to camouflage the flaws of an apple-shaped body. Opt for large prints with minimum background showing. The spacing between the print will add to the volume and will make you look larger. Single strong vertical element works wonders for an apple-shaped body by creating a much more streamlined silhouette, be it a long duster jacket over pants, a top, or a dangling scarf.