How to make your business stand out

Leading female business owners Jacqueline Gold, Annabel Karmel and Sharmadean Reid discuss methods t make your service attract attention at our #VirginWow event!

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3 thoughts on “How to make your business stand out”

  1. I am a young motivational speaker … I am looking for a chance to speak ..
    Please give me a chance 

  2. Virgin startup is an amazing scheme. I have not received my loan or started
    officially trading but the help and encouragement given is outstanding.

  3. Hadn’t heard of Virgin Startup until happening upon this video – sure
    sounds like a solid Branson initiative. But why is this video named “How to
    make your business stand out” when it doesn’t tell someone anything about
    the topic? It actually doesn’t d a whole lot of anything except take up 4
    minutes of time on the Internet. If you’re going to label a video in this
    way, you need to make sure you actually give some help to viewers who may
    click your video.

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