Lawn Care Business Plan – info for existing or startup

Terrific info on building a rewarding lawn care organisation plan. This information could help direct you as your begin a grass treatment service to understand what does it cost? cash to invest in grass treatment advertising, equipment, labor, etc. Full article located in the November 2014 of Yard and also Landscape magazine.

18 thoughts on “Lawn Care Business Plan – info for existing or startup”

  1. 1st off I have been a long time sub of yours
    2nd very useful info I have been looking for something like this for a
    while. Thank you very much.

  2. Also, I think it’s harder to convince people to spend their money on
    keeping their grass green and healthy. There’s a lot of education involved,
    unless you can find/target the people with money to spend and enjoy the
    benefits of a green healthy lawn(which is where the extra advertising
    expenses probably come in). Having both businesses on some form or another
    is probably the best end goal. If the economy gets bad then you can rely on
    mowing because grass/weeds are always going to grow. People would cut down
    on the fertilizing, most likely.

    Great video!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  3. +Zach Harpel Just measure the square footage of turf and charge a rate per
    square foot. The rate gets cheaper as the square footage goes up

  4. +Hillis Mowing & Lawncare Glad it was helpful. It was helpful to me as
    well. For one, it reassured me that the lawn business is a good business
    to be in. It is a growing industry.

  5. +Lawn Care Rookie I agree. It seems a little more difficult to sell
    fertilizing than mowing. That being said, in middle-upperclass areas, the
    majority of people are paying for lawn care of some kind. I want to do both
    mowing and fertilizing because I think both are profitable. If one becomes
    much more profitable down the road, then I may focus on just one.

  6. Jason, one of the best videos you have made and I have loved a lot of
    yours! I am going to print out those pages from their website. I am
    finishing up my business plan as I type this and found this incredibly
    helpful. DO you have a plan for how you will break up the week with mowing
    vs fertilizing? Please post an update on how the business is growing so far
    when you get some time. As always, MUCH appreciated information. 

  7. +Mark H Glad the info was helpful. I am waiting to see how many mowing
    customers I get compared to spraying customers to know how to divide up the
    week. I will be mowing weekly and bi-weekly while the spraying is only
    every other month for each customer. I am picking up customers but not as
    many as I want. I have a lot of work to do over the next month or so to
    fill up my schedule.

  8. For simplicity, paying yourself before you calculate net profits makes the
    numbers more meaningful. You and I might choose to keep ownership in
    companies we. don’t actively work at. Net profits (in general) are for
    paying owners that are not actively working or for building companies.

    Your choice of topics and balanced thoughts are helpful.

    WV Father and Son Mowing Team Robinson

  9. Will you be doing an equipment video on the new mowers, trimmers and
    blowers you will be using this year. I watched your other video on the
    husky 326ls it made me really want one so I just ordered the 327ls same as
    the 326 but with a system on it that lowers the vibration on it and weighs
    just a lil more.

  10. +empire lawns I will most likely be buying another husky 326ls. I may make
    a video about equipment later. I haven’t bought my mower for this year
    yet. I am focused on building my fertilizing customer base. I also will
    be mowing but I am not looking to buy more than one mower this year.

  11. I’m helping a friend start his lawn care business and to me the most
    important piece of equipment is the truck. I suggested he trade in his
    mini-van on a new truck or used truck. He could get the extended or crew
    cab and not have 3 vehicles to maintain and just keep it at two. His wife’s
    care and his truck. His truck would have more expensive insurance but
    offset a bit by not paying insurance for 3 vehicles. He could buy a 5,000
    dollar used Toyota but 150k miles, sketchy maint. records and who knows
    what will go wrong. Car repair here is not cheap, no matter where you go,
    so to keep truck maint. problem down or eliminated I think he should spend
    more for that and not worry about it. The marketing costs would be his
    biggest expense after the truck. Any thoughts.

    Really appreciate you sharing your corporate knowledge. Thank you. 

  12. +David Well I think he just needs a dependable truck. You simply need a
    truck strong enough to haul the equipment that won’t break down. A good
    zero turn mower would also be important to making money in the lawn
    business. Marketing is really important as well when starting. I am not
    sure of your friend’s budget to know how to best spend the money.

  13. where can I find this info I have to write a business plan for a loan to
    buy out a landscaping out fit with the customers. and I have no idea how to
    write a business plan

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