South San Juan Wilderness (CO) Backpacking Trip

Christian, the dawg, and also I on a 5-day backpacking journey to the South San Juan Wild in south main Colorado. We spent 5 days/ 4 evenings in just what is considered the most remote wild area in Colorado, and also we were at elevations from 11,500 feet to 13,200 feet (on Conejos Top). An amazing experience!

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5 thoughts on “South San Juan Wilderness (CO) Backpacking Trip”

  1. I first went to Blue Lake in 1989 & 1990. Back then, I was an out of State
    tourist. These days, I live 50 miles away from the trailhead, and have
    camped multiple times in the same site you were at. It’s interesting to
    watch your video, and be able to recognize the scenery. 

  2. I hadn’t previously seen much fishing from you all. Is it worth carrying
    along some light tackle?

  3. We usually don’t, but prior to this trip I had watched a couple Youtube
    videos on the South San Juan Wilderness and one group that had camped at
    Blue Lake caught a ton of fish, so we decided to bring fishing gear along.
    Unfortunately, despite quite a few hours of effort Christian never caught
    anything on our trip (he had a lot of fun though). I would certainly
    recommend bringing some lightweight tackle if you enjoy fishing.

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