Facebook Retargeting to get students to signup for your Yoga Studio

You know your gym provides the best Yoga experience in the city. You’re proud of your studio because it makes people feel like family. Customers walk out feeling new again. The only problem you have is getting new students to signup at a reasonable cost. Yellow page ads are dead. Flyer distribution only gets you bargain seekers and radio is just too darn expensive. What’ the solution? Facebook ads.

The problem is you just don’t know how to use Facebook ads properly. Sure you may have “boosted” a post before or run an ad to your website, but not many new students. This is why Chris Sewell of Chris Sewell Digital Media created a business advertising video for Yoga school owners. The video, which you can view here, walks you through a campaign Mr. Sewell setup for a Brooklyn, NY Yoga studio. Campaigns like what he shows in his video have generated as much as 290 new students in a 24-hour period. The key to such large numbers is a very attractive offer that’s hard for anyone to turn down.

You want to watch the video here and use the strategies outlined.